The Yang Linking Vessel

The Yang Linking vessel regulates the Qi mainly in the Yang channels: the urinary bladder, gall bladder, triple burner, small intestine, and stomach. channels. It is also connected with the Governing vessel at Yamen (Gv-l5) and Fengfu (Gv-l6). This vessel and the Yang Heel vessel have not been emphasized much in Qigong, except in Iron Shirt training where these two and the Governing vessel are trained.


The Yin Linking Vessel

The Yin Linking vessel has connections with the kidney, spleen, and liver Yin channels. The Yin Linking vessel also communicates with the Conception vessel at two cavities. This vessel is not trained much in Gigong.


The Yang Linking and Yin Linking Meridian Trajectories

Yang Wei:

A. Course: (1). Jinmen (B-63) on the heel -(2). Ascends along the lateral aspect of the leg - (3). Lower abdomen - (4). Slants upward across the posterior aspect of the hypochondrium - (5). Across the posterior axillary fold to the shoulder - (6). Ascends the neck and crosses behind the ear - (7). Proceeds to the forehead - (8). Doubles back over the head- (9). Fengfu (Gv-lG).

**''This vessel intersects Jinmen (B-63), Yangjiao (GB-35), Jianjing (GB-21), Fengchi (GB-20), Naokong (GB-19), Chengling (GB-18), Zhengying (GB-17), Muchuang (GB-16), Head-Linqi (GB-15), Yangbai (GB-14), Benshen (GB-13), Tianliao (TB-15), Naoshu (SI-10), Yamen (Gv-lS), Fengfu (Gv-lG), and Touwei (S-8).

Yin Wei

A. Course: (1). Lower leg at Zhubin (K-9) - (2). Ascending along the medial aspect of the leg - (3). Enters the lower abdomen - (4). Upward across the chest - (5). Throat (meets Tiantu (LI-22) and Liansuan (LI-23).

"'This vessel intersects Zhubin (K-9), Chongmen (Sp-12), Fushe (Sp- 13), Daheng (Sp- 15), Fuai (Sp-l6), Qimen (Li 14), Tiantu (LI-22), and Lianquan (LI-23).

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