Spectrums of Yin and Yang.

Yang Polarity Yin
positive (+) neutral negative (-)
male (( fusion )) female
inhale between breaths exhale
hot - cold
heaven man earth
white gray black
birth, youth adulthood old age, death
spring, summer between seasons autumn, winter
day, light transition night, dark
mind (( no distinction )) body
spiritual emotional physical
ascending central descending
gas, space liquids solids
sun earth moon
mouth (everything in between) anus
brain heart navel
left brain corpus callosum right brain
upper dantian middle dantian lower dantian
light vibration, sound heat
branches, leaves trunk roots, reservoirs
Shen Qi Jing
spirit energy essence
fire, lake, heaven wind, thunder earth, mountain, water
wood, fire earth metal, water

The following chart compares locations of the human body according to western anatomical terms.  

Yang Yin
Left Right
Posterior Anterior
Superior Inferior
Superficial Deep
Lateral Medial
Cephalic Caudal
Peripheral Axial
Dorsal Ventral
Distal Proximal
Bowels Viscera
Arteries Veins

The body resembles a magnet with two opposite poles.

The energy spheres most distant from the Center have the highest frequency, and vice versa...