Kung Fu - This section demonstrates the many  physical, mental and spiritual aspects of martial arts. 

Styles (Instructional) 

There are four primary styles in Tai Chi Chuan: Yang, Chen, Wu, and Sun.  All of these forms can be practiced in front of your computer in the privacy of your own home.

Tai Chi - 24 Yang Form 
Tai Chi - 42 Chen Form
Tai Chi - 46 Wu Form
Tai Chi - 73 Sun Form
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Clips Jet Li - The Tai Chi Master
Jet Li - Lord of the Wu Tang
The Tai Chi Master - Sword Fight
Jet Li - Fist of Legend
Jet Li - Wong Fei Hung
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(30 MB) Music Video
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Clips Animatrix - Second Renaissance Part I (87 MB)
Animatrix - Second Renaissance Part II (87 MB)

Virtual Reality (-VR-)

Right click over the links and select "Save Target As", and download to your hard drive, open using Windows Media Player.  Depending on the integrity of your computer, you may need to download a few other things (such as the DivX codec) before you can watch these.