Embryological Development:

The human body is composed primarily of Water.  The Essence of man (sperm) and woman (egg) unite in the uterine sea to form the fetus.  The ova is polarized at the entry point of the sperm, creating the original polar axis (the Taiji Pole, or Ultrasonic Core) that determines the complex pattern of cellular division that occurs along the polar axis throughout development.

The electrical polarity and field of energy in the polar axis is related to the Original or Yuan Qi from which the Conception and Governing Vessels form the seas of Yin and Yang energy during the first cellular division.  The Yin and Yang Heel Vessels are also established, forming the left and right sides.  The exterior of the egg is determined by the Yang Linking Vessels.  The interior of the egg by the Yin Linking Vessels.

The second cellular division is caused by the development of the Belt Vessel and Thrusting Vessel.  The Eight Extraordinary Vessels have now formed.

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels do the following:

Interestingly, each of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels correlates to one of the Eight Trigrams, which in turn relate to the Five Elements:

Governing Vessel = Lake (Metal)
Conception Vessel = Fire (Fire)
Yang Heel Vessel = Water (Water)
Yin Heel Vessel = Earth (Earth)
Yang Linking Vessel = Thunder (Wood)
Yin Linking Vessel = Mountain (Earth)
Thrusting Vessel = Heaven (Metal)
Belt Vessel = Wind (Wood)

The Eight Trigrams when combined into the various pairs form the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching Oracle.

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels form a vortex of energy at the center of the embryo's body-- from the area between what will become the kidneys.  The Taiji Pole and Thrusting Vessels are at the center of this vortex and will form the Sea of Five Yin and Six Yang Organs, the Sea of Twelve Primary Channels, and the Sea of Blood.  From the Taiji Pole and Thrusting Vessels, the body's Qi and Blood are distributed at the energetic level through small channels, or rivers of energy.  This energetic vortex creates the energy for the growth of the embryo's physical form.

After the initial cell division is complete, the embryo's ten Yang channels and ten Yin channels begin the development and formation of the embryo's tissues and organs.  These twenty channels are divided into two separate groups of energetic rivers known as the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and Twelve Primary Channels.  As the embryo develops into a fetus and continues to grow, the twenty channels also continue to develop.

During the formation of the embryo, nine Yang channels begin to flow out of the Governing Vessel (Sea of Yang Qi) and form the nine Yang rivers known as:

Consecutively, the nine Yin channels begin to flow out of the Conception Vessel (Sea of Yin Qi) and form the nine Yin rivers known as:

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